Sunday, July 22, 2012

Campbell's Nursery!

Well, everything is ready for Campbell's arrival (whenever he decides to come)!  The nursery, necessities, etc...  Thanks to my wonderful Mom, MIL and husband we wrapped everything up last week and now we patiently wait.  Hopefully for a little while longer...he still has some growing left to do!

I just LOVE how the nursery turned out!  It's a mix of old, new and things Nathan and I had as children.  It's my favorite room in the house.   

My Mom made the drapes which makes them even more special!   She's so talented!  We'll move the bassinet into our room once Campbell arrives.  The best part---this bassinet is almost 100 years old.  Campbell's Great-Grandfather and all his siblings slept in it!  And his Grandmother and her siblings, his Dad and Aunt along with many other babies on the Yates/Best side of the family :)  How cool is that?  Katie and I's childhood rocking chair will sit in its place in the nursery!  Mom is in the process of refinishing it.   
More crafty things from family... Mom made the pillow, Katie made the "C" and the hospital door hanger (hanging on side of mirror for now),  and the picture on the left my MIL made. It was in Nathan's nursery as a child.  
Big thanks to Suzanna for the cute picture above the crib!! 

You think Campbell has enough clothes?  Considering 80% of these are for the first 3 months I think he'll be just fine!
Campbell's bathroom (still waiting for the picture to go on this wall)
Tuxey laying on her custom dog bed courtesy of my Mom :)  She's gotta have a bed in the nursery too!   
Pippy laying in her favorite spot.  I now know it will be impossible to keep this bed skirt straight and I always know where to find sleeping puppies.  This is thier favorite spot in the house and that makes me so happy! 
Baby Campbell is now 34 weeks.  He's due to arrive in 6 weeks and I can't wait to meet the little guy who will one day live here!  

In other news... 

We traveled to Memphis mid June to celebrate my cousin's upcoming wedding in October!  We hosted a family shower and had a wonderful time! 

The Bride to Be in white :)
My pretty Mom :)
 A few weeks later we traveled to FL for our first baby shower.  So thankful for such wonderful friends and family!
Mom, me, and Katie
Cute diaper cake Mom made :)
All in all, it's been a busy month!  Time to relax now and enjoy our last weeks as a family of 4.  (yes, I count my puppies)

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